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Workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect both workers and employers in disability claims.

Every state in the country has some type of workers compensation law in place to protect injured workers and to financially protect employers when an employee becomes eligible to receive workers comp benefits. Employees who are injured or become sick on the job will receive health care and wages, and the employer then cannot be sued. Typical payments to employees include:

  • Medical costs
  • Disability pay
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Death benefits for survivors

At EP&H Insurance Services, we supply affordable workers compensation coverage to businesses of all sizes. Different laws apply, depending on where your business is located:

  • In Maryland, virtually all businesses with one or more employees are required by law to have workers compensation insurance, except those that can self-insure.
  • In Virginia, every employer who employs three or more employees, as well as every operator of underground coal mines, is required to maintain workers compensation insurance.
  • In Pennsylvania, any business that has workers, full or part-time, is required to meet their statutory Workers Compensation obligations.
  • All employers in Washington, D.C., are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance coverage for their employees.

If you are required to carry workers comp and you fail to do so, you could face fines, lawsuits, and possible imprisonment. That’s why it’s important to know the law in your state, and to make sure you are covered with the right amount of workers comp insurance.

If you own a business with employees in Maryland, Virginia, or anywhere else in the area, give one of our representatives a call today. Our workers compensation insurance is affordable and will protect your employees and your business.

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