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Regardless of size or industry, most businesses have the same thing in common: they began as a dream and came to fruition through a lot of hard work. Some business owners get so caught up in daily operations that they forget one of the most important components – commercial property insurance.

Every business needs insurance. Too much time and money has been invested to let one burst pipe or fire completely cripple a company. Commercial insurance can cover a variety of things including:

  • Your outdoor company sign
  • Any inventory
  • The physical structure of your office or building
  • Important equipment
  • Desks, chairs and other furniture

Property insurance for a commercial enterprise can sometimes be a tax write-off, so be sure to do a little research to find out if you’re eligible.

Have questions about commercial property insurance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Call EP&H Insurance Services at 888-680-5463 and we will patiently help you put together your ideal insurance policy.

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